IAPMO/GreenPlumbers Training and Certification
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    Introduction   Untitled Document IAPMO/GreenPlumbers Training and Certification

    To Qualify  Candidates must have completed a 32-hour course in environmental and technical issues including Climate Care (8 hrs), Caring For Our Water (8 hrs), Solar Hot Water (4 hrs), Water Efficient Technology (8 hrs), and Inspection Report Service(4 hrs). You must be performing the work of a plumber and/or mechanical contractor, or be in a recognized Federal and State approved plumbing apprenticeship or training program.

    Initial Cost  130.00
    Passing Score  65%
    Retest Cost  78.65
    Duration  This certification is valid for three (3) years from issuance.
    ReCertification  Certified persons are responsible for keeping their certification current and notifying NITC of changes in address. Certified persons must complete the renewal examination by thirty days after the expiration date. The fee for renewal of this certification is thirty five dollars ($35.00). Certified persons that fail to pass the renewal examination must retake the original one hundred nine (109) question proctored examination at a fee of seventy five ($78.65) dollars. Failure to pass a re-certification examination twice may result in NITC requiring that the candidate take a ‘refresher course’ or other type of training before re-taking the examination. For Individuals requesting to take an examination at a PSI center there will be an additional twenty-five dollar ($25.00) processing fee. These fees vary according to the length of time allowed for the examinations. Please contact our office to confirm what the processing fee will be for your examination. The first renewal is not scheduled until late 2013. More information will follow.
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IAPMO/GreenPlumbers Examination ReTest Application
IAPMO/GreenPlumbers Training and Certification Candidate Bulletin